Welcome to our lab!

We study molecular mechanisms underlying human disease and focusing at cellular signaling networks. A particular emphasis is given to the discovery and development of new chemical tools for regulating protein kinases- key elements in signal transduction networks. We employ multidisciplinary research platforms from in vitro assays, computational analyses, and animal models to decipher signaling components that contribute to molecular pathogenesis, and to identify and design bioactive agents as future therapies. Our goal is to develop new therapeutics for diverse pathological disorders including diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and cancer.  

Research Projects in Our Laboratory

  1. Development of systematic platform for development of protein kinase inhibitors
  2. Design bioactive molecules that function as substrate competitive inhibitors for protein kinases
  3. Study the role of autophagy and lysosome network in neurodegenerative disorders and cancer
  4. Study evolutionary perspective of protein kinases as a unique tool for novel drug design

In The Press:

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Wish to join us?

  • Open Positions for Post-doctoral Fellows: For a new grant-supported project in drug development and its implications in neurodegenerative diseases.We are looking for highly motivated individuals for a challenging project that combines basic and industry-oriented research.
  • We are currently seeking for highly motivated Ph.D and M.Sc students.
    For a new and innovative project in drug discovery and drug development: Implications in neurodegenerative disorders.

Please contact us at:
phone: +972-3-6405307
email: heldar@tauex.tau.ac.il